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Base Malt
  Great Western 2-Row Pale Malt 
Price: 1.29
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  Great Western Wheat Malt 
Price: 1.18
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  Briess 6-Row Brewers Malt 
Price: 1.39
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  Pauls English 2-Row Pale Malt 
Price: 1.54
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  Pauls Best Mild Ale Malt 
Price: 1.78
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  Hugh Baird British Pale Ale Malt (Maris Otter) 
Price: 1.72
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  Muntons Maris Otter 
Price: 1.65
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  Dingemans Pilsen 
Price: 1.72
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  Dingemans Munich 
Price: 1.92
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  Weyermann® Pilsner Malt 
Price: 1.57
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  Weyermann® Bohemian Pilsner 
Price: 1.59
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  Weyermann® Vienna Malt 
Price: 1.59
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  Weyermann® Light Munich Malt 
Price: 1.49
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  Weyermann® Dark Munich Malt 
Price: 1.59
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  Weyermann® Rye 
Price: 1.75
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