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Blends Yeast

Mfg Name Number Yeast Name Flocculation Attenuation Best Temp
WYeast 3056 Bavarian Wheat Yeast Medium 73-77% 64-74
Comments: Blend of top-fermenting ale and wheat strains producing mildly eatery and phenolic wheat beers.
WYeast 1087 Wyeast Ale Blend Medium 71-75% 64-72
Comments: A blend of the best ale strains to provide quick starts, good flavor and good flocculation. The profile of these strains provides a balanced finish for British and American style ales.
WYeast 2178 Wyeast Lager Blend Medium 71-75% 48-58
Comments: A blend of the Brewer's Choice (TM) lager strains for the most complex flavor profiles. For production of classic pilsners to full bodied "bock" beers.
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